How to Contact Us

We will be happy to meet you. You can visit us, call us or email us for more information.
  • Come along to our New Shed at 76 Carwar Ave Carss Park NSW 2221 (near Dick Caine's Swimming Pool) -
  • Opening hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8am to 1pm -
  • Send us an email to
  • Contact us via telephone:President  Phil Fague 0414 277 336, Pat 0407 434 254, Treasurer Brian Smith 0408 413 538 (Leave message if unanswered ).

Welcome to New Members

Membership of the Shed provides the company of men mostly retired seniors, but very useful men, prepared to share their skills for the common good and for community projects. The Shed provides a sense of belonging, a sense of comradeship and well-being as we work and talk shoulder to shoulder, not as old has-beens but as valuable and competent Australian citizens, able to contribute and pass on our skills to other men.

The St George Men’s Shed is a registered member of the Australian Men’s Shed Association. Our office and Shed is located at unit 8-3 Penshurst Lane Penshurst NSW 2222

There is no limit on age, and only a small fee to become a Member. If you are at a loose end, drop in on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning about 10 am to have a look, a cuppa and a chin-wag with the boys. Our main Shed activity is Carpentry. We are currently collecting the necessary power tools, hand tools, work benches, tool racks, storage facilities, timber racks and other facilities necessary to allow a group of men to work together on personal or community projects.

Safety is our number one concern. The committe are making sure that the facilities are safe and that we have adequate safety gear and receive adequate safety instruction. A system of approval for the use of power tools by more experienced members has been put in place.

Our Information Officer, Brian Turner, has set up in a computer room for training of Men’s Shed members in the mysteries of digital software and hardware. Other men’s interests include photography, leatherwork, playing chess, etc. Our first get together at the Shed was called by Klaus on the 5th August 2011. We have increased steadily from 10 to over 45 members, and numbers are increasing weekly.
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