Penshurst Shed Startup

Extracts from a letter sent to members on 23rd Sept 2012,

On Monday 17 Sept the St George Men’s Shed signed a lease with Dr Ian Lee that provides us with our own Shed again. We are back in business. I have attached the first shots of the Shed at Unit 8, 2 Penshurst Lane, Penshurst. At first glance it does not appear to be a thing of beauty, but if you have another look, you were right the first time. It isn’t. But it will be.

We had our first work day at the Shed on Friday 22 Sept and quite a few men turned up with mattocks, shovels, saws and hammers, to clean up the place. We started at 9 am and by mid-day, the old Shed was starting to look up. It started looking awful and it finished looking almost as awful, but a bit tidier. It is going to be a long haul, but we have started.

Already we have two new members of the Shed. A bloke by the name of “Slim”, a friend of our neighbour Daniel, had his car parked in the way next to the Shed. He came along yesterday to move it and finished up volunteering to join the Shed. Then another old bloke by the name of Harry walked up. His wife Hilda had sent him down to get him out of the house. I showed him around and asked him what he had worked at for a lifetime and he said he was a “builder”. I asked him how he would move the big door and he gave us some very clear instructions. He obviously knows his stuff, so he is now a Member of the Shed and in charge of building some new walls under Bernie Dolan’s oversight. He starts work with us tomorrow at 9 am.


From now until we get the Shed operating, we need every able bodied man on deck at the Shed from 9 am to 3 pm every week day. Please bring your own tools and take them home at night as the Shed is not yet secure.

Looking forward to a new phase if the life of the St George Men’s Shed. All the best men....

St George Men’s Shed Committee